17 April 2015

London Walks: Walthamstow Marshes

First things first, I am really sorry for the quality of the pictures, I have no idea why we did not take our camera with us. Anyway, the spring arrived to London, the real spring. It means that the dirty and depressive Walthamstow (where we live) actually looks good now. A big plus of it, next to the convenient connection to the city centre, is the high number of parks and nature in general. I am not afraid to say London is a green city, parks are everywhere, even if just small ones. However, Walthamstow has this big Marshes, the Lea river and many reservoirs. It is right next to Hackney Marsh and from there it is very close to the Victoria park so it can be a nice walk to the hipster Shoreditch. 
I made M to walk to the Lee Valley riding centre. I needed to visit those horses I see from train every morning. Finally! And it was really nice, not too many people around, only few cyclists and walkers with dogs. Ok, next time we will also brings some snack for the horses. 
After the time spent with horses we made it to the Lee river, and we actually, by an accident, met our colleague barista Nell who lives on a houseboat. She offered tea and we had a nice afternoon by her houseboat, along with her cute cat. My new dream is to live on a houseboat!
On a nice sunny spring afternoon like this you not only forget all the stress from school and work but you also forget that you are actually in middle of a huge city...