10 June 2013

Taipei weekend markets

Last summer...

End of August, it means really hot days. Except the last two days, the were two typhoons flying around Taiwan, one in the south, one in the north. There are still some warnings in the south, heavy showers, strong wind. There is only one good thing about typhoons - it is not so hot! On Wednesday I was at school last time, from that time, I do nothing, just sleep till noon every day, have some breakfast, then go to night market with friends. So today I decided to make bigger trip - to Taipei weekend markets. But after breakfast! The traditional breakfast in Taiwan is the best in the world, I must say!

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

Last summer...

The typhoons are gone, so the terrible weather is back! 39°C and humid! I really don't know who had this great idea to make a cycle trip. And I really don't know who had this idea to wear narrow dress, long and very bright dress! I almost destroyed it by oil from my bike, jam in a cafe and then almost pull it apart, accidentally, of course. And of course, long dress like this is very uncomfortable for biking and of course, narrow dress like this is very uncomfortable in this terrible weather!!!