28 July 2015

Indonesia: Pet Market in Yogyakarta, Java

Yogya is simply amazing. Incomparable with Jakarta. Not that I don't like it, we hade a great time in Jakarta. But Yogya is way more magical. Our amazing couchsurfing host Danang helped us rent a scooter and took us to so many places. One of them was this pet market.

24 July 2015

New Zealand: Helpx experience

Working holiday in New Zealand means picking jobs or volunteering, for most of travelers. We were not really lucky with picking jobs, we planned to do kiwi picking during last weeks of our stay but the weather was against us and we spent almost three weeks in our car. At the beginning of our New Zealand adventure, however, we did volunteering.
If you haven't heard of HELP X you better check their website, it is simply amazing. It is a very good database of people around the globe offering accommodation for few hours of work. You simply choose the region, country, see the offers and find what suits you the best. A farm, an organic farm, a host or a school, home stay or another project. You can find some really special offers, for example mushroom farm in Taiwan,  windmill construction or kangaroo farm. You can easily see what is the job, how many people they are looking for, if male or female, how is gonna be you accommodation, how many hours per day you need to work and you can also read the reviews from previous helpers.
As we were at the beginning of looking for job process this was our chance. First family we found lived few minutes ride north from Auckland, on a farm. Bronwyn and her British husband Tim and their two daughters were the sweetest people. It was not rally hard working we had to do but it was life on a sheep farm. See the full sheep experience HERE. 


22 July 2015

Berlin: Ai Weiwei

Yes, i do like Ai Weiwei. You can tell whatever you want, he maybe famous only because of the political affairs around his name and he may not be as popular in China as he is out of it. But come on. Some of his woks really make a point. Simple they may be but that is the beauty, isn't it? So when there was an exhibition in Berlin and I was just few miles away, who would resist? 

Cambodia: Sihanoukville

My friend went Cambodia few years ago and I just loved her pictures of this cute little beach houses in south Cambodia. So it was immediately on our gap year list. After all the traveling around hot Asia this was a place where to relax and enjoy the sea. And we planed it very well, it was not the high season, we were almost alone there and the prices of the accommodation were really low. And in the end I was really happy we decided to go to Cambodia and not to south Thailand. It still a paradise but without the touristic madness.

21 July 2015

Coffee talk: YABOO cafe, Taipei, Taiwan

Baileys milk tea and ice tea

Shida (National Taiwan Normal university) area is famous for cute little cafes where students spend hours and hours - doing their homework, of course. It really has this nice Taiwan atmosphere, you wonder in the small streets and on every corner you find a small cafe or a bakery or simply place where to buy a little snack. Shida night market may be getting smaller and it is not as good as it used to be around 2010/2011, but these nice cafes around survive. You may be a coffee geek as we are but it wont stop you from going to these cafes even it they are not the third wave coffee shops. Because Taiwanese tea is also a delicious thing... 

20 July 2015

London: Sir John Soane´s Museum

Dovoluji si tvrdit, že jsem objevila to nejlepší muzeum v Londýně. A co je na tom nejlepší? Je zdarma a není to číslo jedna v turistických příručkách, takže nění naravé k prasknutí. Sir John Soane Museum jednoznačně doporučuji.

14 July 2015

Taiwan: Wulai 烏來

Na Tchaj-wanu (abych se držela klasického českého přepisu) máte park téměř na každém rohu, ať je Tchaj-pej jakkoliv betonová, o přírodu tu rozdhoně nění nouze. Jedna z věcí, které na té zemi miluju. Přesto to občas chce velkoměsto opustit a vyrazit na venkov.
Wulai je jasná volba. Z jihu Tchaj-peje se tam jede ani ne hodinku a i ta jízda samotná je pastva pro oko. Do údolí vede cesta podél řeky, dosela slušné serpentýny s výhlídkami na nekonečnou zeleň.

13 July 2015

English countryside

As much as we love London, sometimes it is simply too much and you feel like escape for a while. So we did. As usual, we went to visit Alex, down south, in Brighton. And because we have been to Brighton many times and we did not want to spend weekend in the town, we simply relaxes at Alex' s place, with his new puppy, watched some funny YouTube videos and a crazy Irish movie, had the best chocolate Guinness cake and some amazing slow cooked pork made by Alex's dad and went for walks. 
It was exactly what we needed after a busy working week in London. Just going out without planing where, sit in grass and relax, talk about the meaning of life (no, just kidding, we talked about the possibility of surviving a base jump - wait a minute! That is talking life, or not?), enjoying the beautiful scenery of English countryside. Moments like this really makes me feel happy, it really shows me how much i love this country and how lucky we are to live here. 
Later we stooped for a cup of filter at Taylor St Barista - well, we simply have to as M works for their London shops.  And they had some delicious Barn that day! 
More weekends like this one please...

7 July 2015

Bali 2014

Many say Bali is too touristic in these days. Yes, true. But still, I love it more than any other place. Beautiful nature, beaches, mountains. Beautiful architecture, basically every house looks like a temple. Delicious food. But most importantly, friendly people. They never stop smiling. And believe me that simply will make you smile back.