14 December 2014

Auckland: Skydiving - the best day of my life

I went to New Zealand with few dreams - to see the Middle-earth, to live on a sheep farm and to try an adrenalin sport. The two first dreams, or goals, were easy to fulfil - almost every corner of NZ is  a  Middle-erath and we were volunteering on a sheep farm during our first weeks. But the big adrenalin adventure took place during our last days in NZ, maybe because I was really scared to do something really crazy. My first idea was sky jump, or at least sky walk, in Auckland. Yes, it is the jump from the famous Auckland Sky Tower, you remember BeyoncĂ© doing it. But I said no to this kind of adventure after I found out that it is actually a controlled fall. To make it clear, you are controlled by two giant ropes during the fall. Bungee jump was my number two. There is the famous, world's first, bungee close to Queenstown, close to Anduina river, by the way. But this few seconds lasting fun is super expensive. Besides, it is only 43 meters high bridge. So, skydiving it is! I must have been super bored (oh, yes, that was the time when we spent three weeks closed in our car because of the crazy rains) or what when I called to Auckland Skydive and booked my 13,000 feet tandem jump.
That day I called them again, as I was told, to make sure if the weather is ok for a tandem jump. Omg, I was praying for a storm! The feeling in my belly was worse than the one you get before going to a dentist. But we went anyway. I didn't want to look weak in front of M., so I just pretend I am fine. Actually, he was the weak one, he strictly said NO to tandem jumping and I simply couldn't make him.
To make me even more nervous, they told me to wait for a while, it was a very busy day at the skydive centre, one plane every thirty minutes. I made it to the very last plane of the day. It was only me and one girls from Singapore for tandem. Her boyfriend, just as M., was too scared to jump out of a plane. The rest of the plane? Skydiving students giving us encouraging smiles. I was smiling too, but maybe it was the smile of desperateness.