22 July 2013

My favourit places in London - Shoreditch, Hackney


We came from Edinburgh on Thursday! But we just wanted to travel and travel and travel and travel and again and again and never stop! So we did it again! Super fast decision and we are in Dresden! It is only one day trip and it is nothing new to us (I usually go there with my Mum, shopping trips, haha!), it is "only" Germany, but still I love the atmosphere there. The city center is super small but I love it there, it is always a nice walk. Well, not when it is 30°C! 

Edinburgh day 3

What is the worst thing of having friend in the place you go to? Well, if you have a place to stay and have fun till late hours, you won't wake up! We had five days in Scotland, but we lost every single morning - we were sleeping! So it was day three or four, maybe, when we finally went to the Edinburgh castle! But don't ask us about it, we don't know, we didn't go in, the entrance was £16! And that is a lot when comparing to all the nice prices in Edinburgh. I was really surprised! Never mind, we had really nice afternoon discovering the little streets around Princess street, under the castle and around. We had some delicious Shake away shakes and we found amazing Brazilian pancakes, close to  the Meadows (the biggest park, close the castle), on Lauriston Place. I can really recommend! They have some super spicy ones and of course sweet ones, even my beloved lemon and sugar combination! Yummy! 

Edinburgh day 2 - Holyrood Park

When you are in Scotland you simply want to see some nature! If you don't have time to leave Edinburgh, you can simply make a little trip to Holyrood Park. It is only 15 minutes walk from the city centre. That's what I love about Edinburgh - it is super small so you don't even have to buy a bus ticket, you can just walk everywhere! Perfect!
What is Holyrood park? Simply three hills where you climb to see the whole city of Edinburgh. There is nothing special, but the view and the nature! Woow! If it wasn't that windy, I would sit there for hours! Climbing up there was super easy, not some challenging hiking, you don't really need much time to get to the top of the hill. Or you do if you stop every two minutes to take pictures as I did, haha. 

Edinburgh day 1

After two weeks in London, we decided to go to Scotland! Where? Edinburgh! I just love these hotheaded decisions! It was really fast! Something like: "Edinburgh?" "Why not?!! Book it!" Done! And we found ourselves in the bus heading to Scotland few hours later. 
We knew we want to save the money, it means take buse, not train. But when I checked the ticket from London to Edinburgh, it was super expensive, around £40 per person. But I didn't give up! And I found tickets to Glasgow for £17 and from there bus to Edinburgh, £5 only! Of course, it means almost ten hours in bus, but we don't really mind. 
So we said goodbye to our beloved London and next morning around 5am I woke up in the bus and saw something amazing: all the Scottish green fields, still drowned in the morning haze, sheeps  everywhere! Beautiful! 

4 July 2013

Eastbourne and the Beachy Head

How to get from London to Eastbourne:
It is bit different from Brighton, even though both of the towns are on the south coast, only few kilometer from each other. There  are only few buses every day going from London to Eastbourne / from Eastbourne to London. But there are trains going from/to Eastbourne every 30 minutes. Trains are really expensive here in England, but if you book the ticket few days before traveling, you can find really good offers. We found  £5 ticket from Eastbourne to London, we didn't book it in advance so the ticket was £7.50, but still it is not the usual price, the prices are usually 3 or 4 times higher. It took 1,5 hour from Eastbourne to London Victoria station. Check the Southern railway website


After few days in London we finally went to Brighton. Yeaaaah! I've been to England many many times, but never in Brighton. Everyone told me it is the most beautiful place in England - not full of people as London, but still big enough and! With the beautiful seaside. Well, people said many nice thing about Rome too and I didn't like it. But this time they were right!
We only had two days to see Brighton. But it was enough to see all the important places - the pier, the beach, city centre.