10 June 2013

Taipei weekend markets

Last summer...

End of August, it means really hot days. Except the last two days, the were two typhoons flying around Taiwan, one in the south, one in the north. There are still some warnings in the south, heavy showers, strong wind. There is only one good thing about typhoons - it is not so hot! On Wednesday I was at school last time, from that time, I do nothing, just sleep till noon every day, have some breakfast, then go to night market with friends. So today I decided to make bigger trip - to Taipei weekend markets. But after breakfast! The traditional breakfast in Taiwan is the best in the world, I must say!

Now! To the markets! There are tree big markets close to Daan park, flower market, jade market and artist's corner. It means calligraphy, tea, jade, flowers, lampions, fans, even some pets. The best place to buy some presents and practise your Chinese and your bargain skills at the same time. So I bought some little present for my family, some mobile accessory. What kind of present do you buy for your family and friends?

How to get to Taipei weekend markets (建國假日玉花市)?

Jianguo Holiday Flower Market is located under the overpass of section 3, Xinyi Rd. and Jianguo S. Rd.

Just take the MRT to Da-an station, then walk along Sec.3 Xinyi Rd. to Jianguo S. Rd. It is really easy to find this place. Or you can just walk from the other side - from Daan Park.

When to visit? Saturday and Sunday 9:00~18:00.

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