24 November 2014

London: Russian Criminal Tattoo exhibition

We were lucky! Saturday was the last day of this small exhibition. I found it online, accidentally. This weekend was really windy and rainy. Perfect weather for exhibitions. Next to this very interesting one, we went to see Yoshitomo Nara's art. 

Just few days ago we watched a documentary film about Russian mafia. Well, really interesting and scary at the same time. I had some strange dreams that night. Anyway, the things I like the most about Russian mafia were their tattoos. Thanks to this small exhibition in a hidden gallery close to Hyde Park - Grimaldi Gavin - we had a chance to find out more about Russian criminals and their body art. We now know what symbols are used to mark high class thief, drug addicted criminals, crimes from love, children murderers etc. 

Very useful, hah? 

Check amazon - there are some really nice books about Russian Criminal tattoos. 

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