1 August 2016

Prague guide

Many friends asked me what to do and see in Prague, where to say and eat, where is the best coffee or what tickets to buy for few days visit. As I want to make my life easier I am just going to write it all down and then just keep sending the link. Sweet. Here it is.

First things first, here is my map of the places to see and places to eat and drink:


1. If the weather is nice try Petřín, it is a hill park next to castle with a little tower (copy of Eifel Tower) and some funny little mirror labyrinth. Walk from the Prague castle down or up from Újezd (tram 22, 20, 12, 9). Another nice park is Stromovka (walk from Nádraží Holešovice or Vltavská station on the C line). And Letná park (walk from Vltavská station on the C line) for view over Prague.

2. Náplavka. It starts somewhere around the Tančící dům (Dancing house). It is a path by the river with little places offering snack or beer, this place is full of life in the summer evenings and afternoons. Just sit, relax, drink beer, feed swans, enjoy view over castle from river bank.

On Saturdays there is a market at Náplavka (close to Železniční most). Full of great street food and great coffee. Can be overcrowded! But there is an amazing flea market on an old boat during the Sat market. Take tram to Palackého náměstí or metro to Karlovo namesti (B line) and walk to the river.

3. You can rent boats opposite National Theatre (trams 9, 17, 18, 22), great when the weather is nice. 150Kc/h (different places but the price should be similar).

4. Prague castle. Various tours and prices, many palaces and churches to go to. But you can also just walk around and see it all from the outside.
Don’t forget the Zlata Ulicka (Golden Lane) for the little old houses. There is an entry fee but I managed to get there for free few minutes before closing.

If you go there walk up/down via Nerudova street (from Malostranske namesti, close to the Charles bridge) or Zamecke schody (one street from Nerudova street). It is beautiful. Just don’t eat there, too expensive.

Second option is to walk up via the Stare Zamecke schody.
Third option is via the
South Gardens (Zahrady pod Prazskym hradem). Entrance from Valdstejnská street. Entry about 100Kc. Amazing view over Prague. Just choose two and do one up and one down, all super beautiful, this particular gardens are hidden so not full of people.
5. The Lennon wall – art wall filled with Lennon inspired art. Walk from Malostranské náměstí

6. Vivaldi concerts at Bazilika Sv. Jiří (St George’s Basilica at the Prague castle) for about 650Kc are super magical. Fancy dress not needed :D

7. Vyšehrad park (C line, Vyšehrad station) – nice for a walk with a drink on a hill over the river, nice view over the city, beautiful church and St Martin rotunda (super old)

8. There are few beautiful synagogues in Prague – the Klaus synagogue (U Starého hřibitova street) with the Jewish cemetery, Vysoká synanoga (Červená street), the Old-New Synagogue (Maiselova street) – all close to each other. The Jerusalem synagogue is closet to the Main train station (Jeruzalémská street).

9. Charles bridge – a must see, you can even go to one of the towers. If you want to enjoy it without tourist go very early in the morning. Always watch your pockets and bags here!!! (Staroměstská metro station – A line)

10. National Museum – Václavské náměstí (Muzeum station – A&C line). The museum is under reconstruction I think but the Václavské náměstí (a square) is good to see.

11. Staromětské náměstí (Old Town square), Týnský chrám (Church of Our Lady before Týn) and the Orloj (the astronomic clock)Staroměstská station (A line). A must see old town hall with the famous clock. Every hour little clock show. Don’t eat round here, too expensive.

12. Prašná brána (Powder tower) + Obecní dům (Municipal House). Old Prague Tower and Art Novue theater at Náměstí republiky station (B line).

13. Žluté lázně – “beach” by the river, pools and bars, nice chill when it is super hot. Also a lot of events. Dvorce tram stop (tram 3 and 17)

14. Museum of cubism – Dům u Černí Matky Boží (House of the Black Madonna) (Náměstí republiky station on the B line)

One day trips from Prague: 

1. Kutná Hora. It is a lovely historical town, about 1 hour by train from Prg. A must go!

2. Karlštejn castle. Little bit pricy but worth it, especially when it is nice weather. Very close to Prg, nice for a cycling and nature walks around the castle. But probably touristic hell. However, the king Charles 4th is having 700year anniversary and this was his castle so there may be a lot happening there.


1. Můj šálek kávy (metro Krizikova on B line). The best cafe in Prague. Reservation usually needed. 

2. Cafe Místo (Hradčanská station on A line) is a partner shop of Můj šálek kávy so the best coffee you can get. Delicious food as well. 

3. Anonymous cafe (walk from I.P.Pavlova station on C line) very Marvel café

4. Coffee room (walk from Jiřího z Poděbrad station on A line) delicious coffee and super avocado on toast. Super busy on Sat and Sun.

5. Ye's cafe studio (walk or tram from Vltavská station on C line) is my friends cafe and design studio, very chilled cafe in Prague hipster hood, close to Letná park, nice for walks and view over the city. Also close to Stromovka park, really lovely one

6. Bistro 8 (walk from Vltavská station on C line) is not good for coffee but super food, lunch and brunch, stylish retro design

7. Bistro proti proudu (walk from Křižíkova station on B line) new place for brunch and brunch, great vegan hummus sandwich, not really good coffee

8. Palanda cafe (walk from Náměstí republiky station on B line) best burgers in Prague!!! I think you have to book a table

9. Emma espresso bar (walk from Florenc station on B/C line or Náměstí republiky station on B line) is pure hipster coffee bar, one of the best cafes in Prague

10. Kavárna, která hledá jméno (Café that is looking for a name) (walk from Anděl station on the yellow line). It is a brand new cafe, opened few weeks ago, super popular, great design

11. Provaznice (Můstek station on A/B line) if you want to try some real Czech food for ok prices in the city centre. And beer of course

12. Soup in the city (Muzeum station on C/A line) is a great place offering about 5 different soups during the lunch and some yummy breakfast and sandwiches. Not good for coffee.

13. Café Jen – Little walk from Jiřího z Poděbrad station (A line), very Berlin like part of Prague, cute little café, busy during weekends

14. Ice cream: Angelato (Rytířská street but two or three shops in Prague), Zmrzlinář (Slezská street), Hájek at Světozor (from Vodičkova street) – traditional old Czech brand, famous for the banana & strawberry ice cream from the tap (don’t get anything else here!!!)

15. Cha dao – traditional Chinese teahouse. Jeruzalémská street.

16. One Sip Coffee (walk from Náměstí republiky on the B line). Little café for T/A coffee

17. I need coffee (walk from Karlovo Náměstí on B line)

18. Bitcoin café in Paralelní polis (tram from Nádraží Holešovice station on the C line) – only bitcoins accepted; need to have an app for that


1. Svíčková – beef meat slices and dumplings in creamy sauce. 

2. Vepřo knedlo zelo – pork, sauerkraut and dumplings. 

3. Sussages – all over the Vaclavské náměstí (Wenceslas square), served with Czech bread and mustard.

4. Zelňačka soup – sauerkraut soup that is served with or in bread. 

5. Rajská omáčka – tomato sauce with beef slices and dumplings. There is also rajská soup (sometimes with noodles).

6. Vepčový bůček – pork belly, traditionaly served with sauerkraut, may be served with dumplings as well. Don’t forget the pickles.

7. Ovocné knedlíky – sweet dumpling filled with fruits, usually strawberries, blueberries or apricots. Served with soft cheese, butter and sugar or poppy seeds or fried breadcrumbs. Many different kinds of dumplings – simple flour ones, soft cheese ones or potato ones.

8. Trdelník – traditionl Czech sweet snack with cinamon and sugar. Everywhere in the city center, not in restaurants. Traditional one is not filled with ice cream or chocolate, don’t do it!!!!

9. Bramborák – fried potatos pancakes, very oily. It may be served with sauerkraut, sometimes also with bacon. This is not restaurant food really, look for bistros. 

10. Smažený sýr – deep fried cheese, usually served with mayo and fries. You will be able to find this dish as a fancy restaurant food but the best will be in a small bistro somewhere by the road. The more dirty the bistro the better the fried cheese.

11. Špenát s knedlíkem – cooked spinich with pork or baked chicken and potato dumplings, fried crispy onion on the top.

12. Šišky s mákem – sweet dumplings, not filled with anything, cover in poppy seeds and sugar.

13. Knedlíky plněné masem – savoury dumplings filled with meat or spinach, served with crispy onion and can also be served with sauerkraut (of course).

14. Frgál – traditional Czech sweet pastry with soft cheese, poppy seeds or jam. You may find them in bakeries or on markets. 


In general Karlín, Vinohrady or Vršovice areas are really nice, will not be as expensive as the Old Town and it is still easy to ge to te city from them. Right side of the river will be chaeper, if the left one then Smíchov area.

Some hotels and hostels to stay: 

The Fusion Hotel Prague - http://fusionhotels.com
Miss Sophie’s - http://miss-sophies.com
Mosaic Hostel - https://www.mosaichouse.com

Sir Toby’s Hostel - http://www.sirtobys.com


From the airport:
bus n. 100 to Zličín (metro B, yellow line) about 20mins
bus n. 119 to Nádraží Veleslavín (metro A, green line) about 15mins
Airport Express to Hlavní nádraží station (metro C, red line) – the Main train station. About 35mins
Taxi too expensive!

Tickets at the airport in news shops or in the yellow machine at the bus stop (coins needed for that, newer machines may accept notes or contacless cards but 90% of time only coins machines). The same tickets valid for all city, for bus, tram and metro. 

Ticket needs tobe validated after boarding the bus in little usually yeallow calidating machine. Don’t loose it! (tickets checks very common in Prg). SMS tickets available for CZ sim cards (not expensive, available at the airport, good to have sim with data, the wifi is not everywhere in Prg).

Tickets prices:

Prague metro map:

(All pictures from Google until I make my own ones, thx for understanding)

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