4 July 2013


After few days in London we finally went to Brighton. Yeaaaah! I've been to England many many times, but never in Brighton. Everyone told me it is the most beautiful place in England - not full of people as London, but still big enough and! With the beautiful seaside. Well, people said many nice thing about Rome too and I didn't like it. But this time they were right!
We only had two days to see Brighton. But it was enough to see all the important places - the pier, the beach, city centre. 

It was super windy around the pier, of course. So after a short walk we went to the city centre. We somehow found our selfs in a street (going from the beach up to the centre of Brighton), a quite short street full of Asian shops and restaurants. And you know me, I love everything Asian. I can really recommend this place if you are looking for Asian ingredients! Chinese, Japanese, Korean (oh, yeah, I even found there my favourite tteokbokki)! 
Primark! If you know what I mean. I only knew one - in London. Oxford street. Amazing pieces, amazing prices, but so so so many people. Primark in Brighton was big enough but not that crowded, you could even try something in the fitting rooms, wooow! 
Close to this shopping area we find a very artistic (hipster?) part of Brighton. It really looks like Camden or Shoreditch. The best place where to buy vintage treasures, hipster fashion or just spend time in a nice cafe or restaurant. Try Namul, Korean place, their bibimbap looks just delicious. 

This was my very first time in Brighton but also my very first time couch surfing. I was kinda scared, I must say. And nervous, too. But we were super lucky, our host was just amazing, friendly and kind, we really had a great night!

How to get from London to Brighton:

If you want to save the money, bus is the best option. Trains are kinda expensive here in UK (of course, there are some exceptions). We took the National Express bus from London Victoria. The prices are very different, depends on the day and  time you want to go, the morning buses are usually more expensive. We found our ticket on the National Express website, 4 days before traveling, ticket for 8am was only £8 and it took 2 hours to get to Brighton. 

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