22 July 2013

Edinburgh day 1

After two weeks in London, we decided to go to Scotland! Where? Edinburgh! I just love these hotheaded decisions! It was really fast! Something like: "Edinburgh?" "Why not?!! Book it!" Done! And we found ourselves in the bus heading to Scotland few hours later. 
We knew we want to save the money, it means take buse, not train. But when I checked the ticket from London to Edinburgh, it was super expensive, around £40 per person. But I didn't give up! And I found tickets to Glasgow for £17 and from there bus to Edinburgh, £5 only! Of course, it means almost ten hours in bus, but we don't really mind. 
So we said goodbye to our beloved London and next morning around 5am I woke up in the bus and saw something amazing: all the Scottish green fields, still drowned in the morning haze, sheeps  everywhere! Beautiful! 

Around noon, we finally arrived our friend's place! Unfortunately we were so so tired from the bus, we only walked around the city centre and then felt asleep. But Edinburgh is not London, it is really small city, so our walk was really short. It was nice to see a smaller and less hectic city after so many days in London full of people....

How to get from London to Edinburgh:
Again, you can take train (that is the expensive option) or bus. You can try National express for the buses, or Mega bus. Direct buses are usually more than £30, so it is cheaper to find journey via other city. So we took a bus to Glasgow for £17 and then a bus to Edinburgh for £5. The time was almost the same, around 10 hours. 

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  1. It looks lovely. I was going to go in January then realise I wouldnt be able to handle the cold!