22 July 2013

Edinburgh day 3

What is the worst thing of having friend in the place you go to? Well, if you have a place to stay and have fun till late hours, you won't wake up! We had five days in Scotland, but we lost every single morning - we were sleeping! So it was day three or four, maybe, when we finally went to the Edinburgh castle! But don't ask us about it, we don't know, we didn't go in, the entrance was £16! And that is a lot when comparing to all the nice prices in Edinburgh. I was really surprised! Never mind, we had really nice afternoon discovering the little streets around Princess street, under the castle and around. We had some delicious Shake away shakes and we found amazing Brazilian pancakes, close to  the Meadows (the biggest park, close the castle), on Lauriston Place. I can really recommend! They have some super spicy ones and of course sweet ones, even my beloved lemon and sugar combination! Yummy! 

I love museums! And I love museums in UK! Free entrance. I mean voluntary. We went to the National Museum of Scotland. As a girl of an architect, I pay attention to architecture more than ever before. And I must say the building of NMS is just amazing! It is hard to describe, you just need to see that. You find Scottish history inside, as well as world of animals and you can go to the roof top to see the castle and the city. Amazing view! And almost no people! Nice! 

Mike is a very talented musician so he just joined some guy on the street! Amazing show! 

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