22 July 2013

Edinburgh day 2 - Holyrood Park

When you are in Scotland you simply want to see some nature! If you don't have time to leave Edinburgh, you can simply make a little trip to Holyrood Park. It is only 15 minutes walk from the city centre. That's what I love about Edinburgh - it is super small so you don't even have to buy a bus ticket, you can just walk everywhere! Perfect!
What is Holyrood park? Simply three hills where you climb to see the whole city of Edinburgh. There is nothing special, but the view and the nature! Woow! If it wasn't that windy, I would sit there for hours! Climbing up there was super easy, not some challenging hiking, you don't really need much time to get to the top of the hill. Or you do if you stop every two minutes to take pictures as I did, haha. 

Oh, and of course, BBQ in park! Unfortunately, you are not allowed to do BBQ in Holyrood pard, so we had to go to the nearest park, we were soooo hungry!

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