28 July 2015

Indonesia: Pet Market in Yogyakarta, Java

Yogya is simply amazing. Incomparable with Jakarta. Not that I don't like it, we hade a great time in Jakarta. But Yogya is way more magical. Our amazing couchsurfing host Danang helped us rent a scooter and took us to so many places. One of them was this pet market.

Before you see more pictures and read more about it get ready for a very different meaning of "pet market". This is not a pet market as we know it - do we actually know a pet market in Europe? Please don't judge without experiencing this place. I saw so many bad things written about this place. This is not how you should think about this place. Different country, different culture, think about that. None of these animals were in bad condition or looking sad.

Markets' specialty are birds. And all you need to have them. All the handmade cages of all colours, sizes and styles. 
I don't know if having a pet is a common thing in Indonesia. What I remember from Danang's house his family had dogs and chickens. But apparently, you can buy way more exotic and special pets in Yogya. For a small entrance fee (or was it actually only parking fee? I don't remember) you can go to this huge market. And you will find anything you can think of, maybe more than that. Most of the animals are wild animals to us but you are in Asia and nothing is impossible here. So do feel like having an owl? Giant snake? 

Bats were cute, I can imagine having one. Unfortunately they did not let us hug those, only cats and dogs. I couldn't stop. 

I was walking around a big cage that seemed empty to me. Well, after few seconds of looking, I found the pet in this cage is right in front of me. Danang was not sure it selling this giant snake is legal but as he pointed out - anything is possible with money in Indonesia. 
M even went to another house of horribleness - full of little snakes, colourful frogs, scorpions and spiders. No, nothing for me, thank you. He showed me some feeding on pictures later, poor little mice. 

And after this very new animal experience we found this were local home style bistro with our favorite gado gado - my dream meal since our friend Hardi showed us in Jakarta. Gado Gado is an Indonesian vegetable salad with rice, eggs and delicious peanut sauce. Yummy. 

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