22 July 2015

Berlin: Ai Weiwei

Yes, i do like Ai Weiwei. You can tell whatever you want, he maybe famous only because of the political affairs around his name and he may not be as popular in China as he is out of it. But come on. Some of his woks really make a point. Simple they may be but that is the beauty, isn't it? So when there was an exhibition in Berlin and I was just few miles away, who would resist? 

What I really like about him is that doesn't stick to one kind of art. He does architecture, photography, films, installations. That makes every single exhibition way different. Who can enjoy ten rooms full of pictures only? It simply will get boring after room two, no matter how good the artist is. But placing a small cinema in between or an installation will make you more and more excited what will come next. In case of Ai an installation may be very modern art as a piece of iron, his famous Coca Cola Chinese traditional vessels, list of victims of the Sichuan earthquake or an exact model of his prison room. 
Wanna know more? Watch documentary Never Sorry (2012)
Also, don't forget, Ai's new exhibition starts this September in London. CLICK

My favorite photography series 

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